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Stephen Erin Dinehart

I’m Stephen Erin Dinehart, an
Interactive Media design expert with over 10 years experience in
management, design, and implementation. My projects have spanned from
award winning casual, mobile and AAA PC/console games, to e-learning systems, touch-screen kiosks, and social networking applications. My career in interactive media
began in 1998 with a project called Paw Island, an online
virtual world for children, using Flash
and Shockwave. Since then I obtained two degrees in Interactive Design from The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (MFA), and The College for Creative Studies (BFA). During my career I have worked at most of the major players in the interactive entertainment industry,
Warner Brothers, THQ, and Electronic Arts, as well as smaller boutique studios. I’ve got ideas, working
methodologies, and a sick blend of game design, and storytelling
I am also a certified as an
instructor and developer for Adobe’s Flash Lite,
an exciting new dimension to the Flash Platform and the Adobe suite of products.

You can find a list of my major game credits on Moby games @:,239296/

A brief reel of my game related work can be viewed @:

A professional overview w/ Reccomendations can be found on Linkedin @

Samples of my design documentation, graphic design, screen, and game writing, in addition to my resume, are available upon request.

Please contact me @

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