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Narrative Design proposals for the Austin GDC 2008

This should prove to be an exciting year for narrative design, and the Austin GDC is a great place to consolidate our efforts to create an open and honest forum for the betterment of our craft and each other. I managed to submit 5 proposals and am fortunate to have Sande Chen, associate and fellow Trojan, as a co-speaker on all but the Opposing fronts proposal. I had wanted to submit a panel lecture consisting of 5-7 Narrative Designers, but this years conference is only open to hour long a) 1-2 person lectures b) round tables.

My proposals:

  • Narrative Design in Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts
  • Narrative Designers’ Round table (1 session per day, for a total of 3)
  • Narrative Design: Creating dramatic structure in games

I hope we as an industry can create a forum for narrative design at the conference as it would be truly invaluable. I’ll be sure to post once I get news. My hopes are high despite my running record of 3 proposals to 1 speaker slot over the years!

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No proposals, by any party, for Narrative Design were accepted to this years Austin Game Developers Conference.

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