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NarrWare Officially Sponsors StoryWorld Conference + Expo

    NarrWare today announced it is a official sponsor of the StoryWorld Conference + Expo, starting October 31, 2011 at the Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco – Union Square.

    Chief Wizard Stephen Dinehart said, “We are really looking forward to engaging with the transmedia storytelling community at StoryWorld. It’s going to provide and unparalleled glimpse and access to the movers and shakers of this exciting new form of storytelling. Come out and meet us. It’s a conference you shouldn’t miss.”

    Entertainment is on the verge of new. and exciting era. Not 3D, but a new generation of transmedia story experiences. Story worlds that are developed to cross from media to media to provide players with new ways to experience, and immerse themselves in, an authored interactive world. In the past, this was done solely for purposes of merchandising and franchise expansion, but in its present form, it’s being used to create fantastic story experiences.

    At StoryWorld Conference + Expo, you’ll hear from not only Stephen Dinehart and Jeff Gomez, but other blockbuster transmedia pioneers like: Lucasfilm Head of Digital and Interactive Ivan Askwith, Two-time Emmy Award® winner Evan Jones, Mike Monello, a co-creator of The Blair Witch Project. Geoffrey Long of Microsoft, an expert on how technology and entertainment co-evolve.

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