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Transmedia Storytelling Defined

    Transmedia storytelling is a new contemporary embracing of a classical paradigm in entertainment that enables the imagination via story-driven extensions into a ‘world’ in which a player seeks to be further immersed. The keys being there – enabling the imagination and allowing the players to further immerse themselves where they have that desire. Transmedia storytelling is not marketing and merchandising based extensions into an existing franchise which is being further exploited. It’s a narrative framework that invites the player in and allows them to co-create, if only through their imagination. Transmedia storytelling enables viewer/user/players to be, rather than seeming to be in an authored interactive world.

    This is a new definition of transmedia storytelling I just uploaded to based on the definition I created in my 2006 USC School of Cinematic Arts MFA thesis paper “Transmedial Play”.