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Tweet I like simulating war, at least, as a hobby. As a child I marveled at Axis and Allies, and games like Risk. Having started my computer strategy gaming on a Sega Genesis with Westwood’s Dune 2, working on a realistic computer war-game, or a Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS), as it is more commonly called, […]


Military War-games and World War III

Written by Stephen E. Dinehart.
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Tweet According to The Department of Defense a war game is “a simulation, by whatever means, of a military operation involving two or more opposing forces, using rules, data, and procedures designed to depict an actual or assumed real life situation.”[1]  It seems that Russia, the European Union and the United States of America, are […]

Tweet     In 1992 a game was released by a developer started by Louis Castle and Brett Sperry, then called “Westwood Studios” their game was titled “Dune II: the Battle for Arrakis.”  (see North American box art and gameplay video clip below) Taken from the epic styles of traditional war-games past like those of publisher […]