2012 February | The Narrative Design Explorer™


Tweet Designed narrative, mind I didn’t say story, should drive all acts of creative communication. They are fundamentally expressive communications with the external world though which an author relays a message. Intent is not a question. Great designers always call function and purpose into question and for a game designer or writer seeking to create an […]

Tweet Players tell the story in all play experiences, no matter how scripted. Their navigation though said play system is recorded cognitively over time as an experience. Their actions and the game worlds reactions build over time to create a sense of being; of doing – of infinite agency in a closed system. Even Arcade […]


Tweet This is an ongoing NDE series featuring interviews with Masters of Narrative Design™. As entertainers increasingly look to create meaningful interactive narrative experiences, looking at the lessons learned by these masters becomes increasingly valuable. Today’s master is the none other than Christy Marx. Christy is a lifelong lover of the written word, her works have spanned media […]