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Life and Narrative Structure

    Life And Narrative Structure

    This is an idea I’ve thought of for many years, beginning in 2000, in Detroit, while studying multidimensional reality, and paradigm shifts under the brilliant professor Dr. Diane Voss.

    Life as a game (playful navigation through a system) the artifact of that game is narrative. Conscious reality exists as a series of relative experiences; displayed sentient for one to behold. As ones being moves through the forth dimension it displays the characteristics of a string, a point displaced over time. What one can quantify empirically are fragments of data gleaned from the localization of totality. Ones life can be summed up as a series of multidimensional experiences interwoven by being. Thus the story of ones life may be: I was at 1, and I saw A1, I then acted, and it brought me to B2:2, and so on. In that, it is possible to foresee how one might begin to structure and game based on the abstracted reduced mechanics of human life.