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2 Reminders to the Metaself

    Why make games?

    I create games to make meaningful emotional experiences, not
    to further puzzles or to encourage the slaughter of hordes of trolls. It’s not that these
    puzzle slaughter games are wrong, but they aren’t meaningful for me, and that’s why I work
    in games, to try and make these shoot ’em up, dry puzzle mechanics into
    something the player can draw emotional, and maybe even spiritual, meaning from. The hope is that
    Interactive Narrative Design can do just that, if not now, then within my

    Why focus on narrative?
    In the design of interactive story, actions (player agency),
    characters, setting and plot and the intermeshing of characters and events is
    the hardest work I’ve done, and to create a playable ending that is inevitable, but
    insightful and provoking. I craft narratives that provide insight into life, ones which are satisfying;
    emotionally gratifying. They are tests for how much one really understands life. I want to make and play games that end, and end well. Ones that when finished provide the player with insight about the very real human condition.