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I hopped a plane from Rio to Lisbon and on again to Geneva. There I was to speak with some of the first names in transmedia storytelling, seems someone there thought I was special; part of something called The European Broadcasting Union, she was putting on an event and she called it TEDxTransmedia. The April eruption of Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano flattened all plans related to the first edition, so this here was the second go ’round.

I was dazed when I landed, I wasn’t even sure what language to speak. Too many continents and dialects in a short amount of time had left me passive to the ever changing world of colors and cultures. I found a shuttle and headed to my quarters.  Now, to me the Crown Plaza means two-star hotel, apparently to the Swiss it means five-star hotel. On arrival I was pleasantly surprised. Making haste I slid into my room and became one with the bed. Slept only to wake jet-lagged at seven in the am. The sky was dark, the rooms square straight walls struck me as a soft hospital white. Stumbling to the bathroom its tile glared and shone a light so bright it surely made it to Germany. The shower was pristine, pressure perfect. The virgin white of my bathrobe only seemed to accentuate the age of my puggy scruffy face. There in the mirror I saw rebirth, death, life, eternity and somewhere there after it all, the beating heat of the unborn universe that awaited my arrival. Was this 2001? Was I dead?

It was time for rehearsal. I prayed. I cried, brushed away my frantic tears; shut the door; drifted down into the lobby and there amidst the luxury in a gleaming light was Christy Dena. We spoke briefly on the patio. Casual like about transmedia and such before our shuttle arrived.

I quickly found myself in transmedia storytellers heaven, on a shuttle crammed with various world-class talents. Pushed up next to me was the talented CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment and Transmedia Producer poster boy himself – Jeff Gomez. Jeff and I ‘spoke’ on and off for a number of years since my time at USC. I’m not sure now really how we meet at this point, but this was the first time in person. We laid it down like butter on French bread, it was a jive session of rhythmic Skeets, Skats and Tweedledee Doots. This brother spoke jazz deep on the level and he wasn’t from Jenkins Street, I ate it up. Jeff is an incredible person, that for me was one of the coolest parts about TEDxTransmedia – it was loaded with people just like Jeff, talented dreamer-doers. I am proud they counted me among them.

Check out the talks @ http://bit.ly/igHHY9

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