2010 April | The Narrative Design Explorer™

Tweet Today’s creator is none other than the transmedia mover and shaker Danny Bilson. As Executive Vice President (EVP) of THQ Core Games he has helped refocus the juggernaut that is THQ to create “a rich offering of content distributed across digital platforms based both on all of [THQ’s] major core brands as well as new […]

Tweet What is the future of video games? This is a large, if not insurmountable question, especially when considering the increasing diversification of styles within the medium. ‘Indie’, ‘casual’, ‘core’, ‘mature’; the labels continue to proliferate, identifying specialized niches of styles, however real or unreal, within the larger ‘video game’. Forming at present is a […]

Tweet This is an ongoing NDE series featuring interviews with Masters of Narrative Design™. While ‘narrative design’ is not a term in common usage, the design of story experiences is nothing new.  As game developers are increasingly looking to create meaningful interactive narrative experiences, looking at the lessons learned by these masters becomes increasingly valuable. […]