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The Future of Mobile Gaming and it’s enemies

Mitch Lasky of the former JAMDAT, now “The New” EA mobile, gave a great
talk about where we are and where we might be going. His first
appearance since the EA acquisition of JAMDAT, Mitch gave a vision for
the future of the mobile industry.

labeled the IP rush of the last year by mobile firms as leaving
everyone with a “Brand Hangover”. To many people grabbing overvalued
IP, and then struggling to work with it or resell it.

Within 6
years JAMDAT went from 0 to 684,000,000 in value. An amazing feat, but
leaves one asking why? Why did EA purchase JAMDAT for almost 5 times as
much as the Maxis purchase?

• 9 consecutive Quarters of GAPP Profitability
• Experience Mobile Management Team
• Mobile Market Dominance
• 17 more years of the Tetris License
• A portfolio of successful gaming IP

What’s in the works now that the marriage has been consummated?

• Doubling R&D spending for the next year
• Acting as a primary business unit within EA
• 58,000 SKUs in 12 months
• A Mandate to Innovate

believes that this new venture is just the thing the industry needs to
really develop the market. What can we look for in the near future for
the industry?

• Stable Business Models
• Friendly easy-to-use e-commerce
• Quality Control

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