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Tweet My article Dramatic play was published recently on Gamasutra.com and has created some interesting discussion on various sights and forums. What is Dramatic play? Dramatic play is a new niche, a paradigm that is the focus of interactive narrative design, the craft that meets at the apex of ludology and narratology and conjoins the […]


Transmedia Franchise Development

Written by Stephen E. Dinehart.
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Tweet Having developed franchises ranging in genres and game types, I’ve become versed in writing and designing transmedia narrative delivery within the rules of a given property. Like any creative endeavor blank slates can be harder to fill than a penciled page. Restraints based on franchise rules can be both detrimental and freeing. Balancing these […]

Tweet This is an ongoing NDE series featuring interviews with Game Writers in the Trenches™. The game industry is riddled with the unsung heroes of interactive storytelling.  As game developers are increasingly looking to create meaningful virtual narrative experiences, listening to the real-world wisdom of these writers can help everyone on the development pipeline understand […]


Reading Video Games

Written by Stephen E. Dinehart.
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Tweet The ‘game system’ fires up, the fans roar (or hopefully not so much), and the once black screen ignites. Immediately the player engages the video game and encounters stimuli; text; main menus, loading screens, cinematics, play mechanics, player characters, non-player characters, etc. They take witness and navigate the system using designed actions, play mechanics. […]


Tweet “After the novel..the computer age introduces its correlate – database.” Manovich [1] As Manovich defines the database the fiction form of our age, I too argue that a videogame is a database of multidimensional arrays containing audio, visual, and gameplay elements which when experienced in a concinnity via narrative systems creates a believable storyspace […]