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NarrWare at the GDC Game Narrative Summit

    The Narrative Design Explorer will be appearing at the upcoming GDC Online Game Narrative Summit in Austin Texas October 10-13 2010. Based on the Narrative Design Explorer’s “Creators of Transmedia Stories” series it will feature Jame Waugh, Senior Story Developer at Blizzard, Danny Bilson, EVP THQ Core-Games, Steve Danuser, Creative Director at 38 Studios, John Johnson, CEO and Creative Director of Smoking Gun Interactive, and yours truly Stephen Dinehart, Chief Wizard of NarrWare.

    Session Description: Transmedia storytelling is about immersing players in storyworlds that span across media formats, and its quickly gaining momentum, but is there more than a simple fad here? Just what is it, how does it work and why is it important to video games? Answers to these questions and more will be fielded by some of the biggest players in the game industry working on this new form of storytelling.

    Update: GameSpot covered the session

    Update 2: You can now watch the session on the GDC Vault